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Shopware 6

Import / Export Customers via CSV in Shopware 6

At some point in every project you need some customer data. And often it is the case that you need to import the customer data from some old source for example from WooCommerce. In this case you can use the csv import/export feature from Shopware 6 core. So this post is a small how to import/export customer data and create a profile for your needs in Shopware 6 admin. What we will do? Create a customer via administration Create a customer profile with data mapping Export existing customers via a

What's the difference between product.repository and sales_channel.product.repository in Shopware 6?

Looks easy? 😉 But did you checked in detail the differences or you just use always the product.repository? Let's deep dive into the core files to fully understand the differences so you can decide what to use when. 💙 First of all there is a file called: EntityRepositoryInterface.php where you can see what kind of methodes you can use like search, update, merge and many more. You need to know that Shopware 6 uses Data Abstraction Layer (DAL) and generates for every entity the corr

Flow Builder, early developers overview

With the fresh new shopware 6 version there is a new much awaited (!) feature the flow builder. In this blog post we will check the shopware 6 core how easy or hard it is to create own actions for the flow builder. To have an general idea what the flow builder can do for you, you should at least read the flow builder documention on shopware 6 docs. In short words: You can create custom (business) processes without coding. You can create this custom process via admin by defining triggers