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Environment variables in Shopware 6 (aka process.env.XYZ)

With environement variabeles you can do a lot in Shopware 6. Especially when you use some build process to deploy your projects or test your plugins. So in this little post I will collect some of the important environment variables I found in Shopware 6.

How to add a "is in stock" filter in Shopware 6?

In a default shopware 6 you will have filters for properties and you will have filters for manufacturer, rating, price and free shipping. But you will not have a filter for is in stock. But shopware has a nice documentation about how to add easily a listing filter. In this post I will tell you about the learnings and the troubles I had during adding this filter to the category listing.

Import / Export Customers via CSV in Shopware 6

At some point in every project you need some customer data. And often it is the case that you need to import the customer data from some old source for example from WooCommerce. In this case you can use the csv import/export feature from Shopware 6 core. So this post is a small how to import/export customer data and create a profile for your needs in Shopware 6 admin.

Is there any future for Magento OpenSource?

How was 2021 from a Magento OpenSource perspective? 09 Feb 2021 (Version 2.4.2), 11 May 2021 (Version 2.4.2-p1), 10 Aug 2021 (Version 2.4.3) and 12 Oct 2021 (Version 2.4.3-p1) where released in 2021. So we had four releases in 2021. Is that enough? When you read through the release notes you will always find a sentence like this ...

How to find DOM elements with a lot of childs?

When you think about the core web vitals then you will find this claim "Avoid an excessive DOM size". This is easy to say, but sometimes hard to achieve. Also the page about dom-size at web.dev gives you only some general advices. When you once had a page that is really slow, just because someone created a quantity select element with over 500 options for every product on a category page with 48 products. And then Lighthouse tells you that the DOM size should be below 12.000 elements.