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Futuristic computer represent a local devenv set up in Shopware 6
This blog post is mainly a reference for myself. So that I don't always have to search for commands and places where I need to change something. Basically it shows the steps to set up a new instance with devenv and Shopware 6. It also shows how to enable xdebug if needed. And how to use an SSL certificate and what needs to be changed. I assume that devenv, direnv and cachix are already set up (if not, take a look at this devenv guide). Steps for set up a new Shopware 6 instance Tested with deven
Shopware 6 OpenAPI UserInterface
How would we work without an API? If you were debugging something right now, you would surely say "much better" 😉 But let's face it, without an API, the modern e-commerce world wouldn't work at all. And what do we do to make sure our API works the way we expect it to? How do we test our API? How do we validate our schema? When you first start out as a developer, you might not think about this, you might just be happy that your API works. Later, when other people want to use your API, you ne
Sometimes it is maybe useful to get the defaultTaxRate that is defined via Admin in Shopware 6. For this we have this small php function below to get the UUID from the SystemConfig and then search with the tax.repository to get the curent value. The system path to get the default UUID is core.tax.defaultTaxRate. Here is the PHP-Snippet for you ?float { $defaultTaxRateUuid = $this->systemConfig->get('core.tax.defaultTaxRate');
Docker Connection is successful in PHPStorm Configuration
In PHPStorm you can set up PHP > Quality Tools that will check your code as you code. This will help you write clean code. I suspect that most developers use a local configuration for these PHP > Quality Tools. But if you already have some Docker containers set up for your project, you should use the same PHP version and the same tool version, e.g. PHPStan, installed in this project via Composer. In this post I will guide you through the setup with many screenshots. Requirements: The quality too
Sometimes you have to test your code on different php versions. There are multiple solutions to do this 3v4l.org The fun stuff is that you see exactly what every version will output or what kind of errors are thrown. Also hhvm is suppo
Unsorted List php.net PSR Index PHP standard recommendation’s index aka php coding standards. PHP the right way Nice php page about a lot of topics, not only basics.