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15 futuristic Databases
I really like short videos about different tech topics that just show what's out there. So there was a nice video, which I will also link later in this blog post, about 15 futuristic databases and what is possible with them. There are things like a Git-like version control for SQL tables. There is a database where you can write JavaScript in it. And of course, there is a database that uses AI. Because ChatGPT is everywhere at the moment, I also used it to create the table in this blog post. So b
Every day a new javascrip framework 🎉 But this day we have one that is the top 1 trending repository (at 2021-11-24) at github 🤩 from the creators of the react router peps (used by over 2.8 mil.). So what has Remix to over? Key features Remix React, Typescript Server-Side-Rendering (SSR) Nested routes 🤯 Eliminate loading state Instant data updates Forms (with transitions hooks) Error boundary Works when JS is disabled Scoped css Remix Demo You can play around wi