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Magento2 Certification Notes

Magento2 Certified Professional Developer Notes How can plugins be skipped? If the around method does not call the callable, it will prevent the execution of all the plugins next in the chain and the original method call. You wrote data upgrade patch to delete one category and add another. What possible issues can occur? Foreign keys are disabled when startSetup() called. See \Magento\Framework\DB\Adapter\Pdo\MysqlstartSetup line 2884 CLI commands to update magento2 from 2.x.y to 2.x.z in prod

FAST Docker development environment with Magento2 on MacBook with High Sierra

For a long time i was really really really very frustrated because of Docker, Magento2 and High Sierra. If you search for that you will find a lot of tutorials how to speed up your development environment. At the beginning the page load sometimes was over 1 minute, also when you know what to do this is a really long time to wait for a short test. Later after some Docker updates the waiting time get’s down to 20-30 seconds for one page load. And now i have page load times between 2 and 3 seconds

Magento2 Resources

Magento2 Links devdocs.magento.com Die offizielle Magento2 Online Documentation. Leider werden einige Themen im Detail nicht gründlich genug erklärt. Awesome Magento2 Link-List Eine super Liste zu Tools und Content rund um Magento2 auf Github. Magento2 Tools mage2gen mage2gen ist eine Webseite mit der die Basis-Strukturen eines neuen Moduls automatisiert zusammengeklickt werden können. Magento2 Tutorials Magento2 delivery date module creation Gutes Tutorial welches erklärt wie Attribute per Setu

Magento2 $order->save() deprecated

Im Magento2 Core findet man noch einige solcher Code-Stellen: <?php $order = $clonedOrder; $order->setId( null )->setCustomerEmail( 'customer@example.com' )->setBillingAddress( $billingAddress )->setShippingAddress( $shippingAddress )->setPayment( $payment ); $order->save(); Obwohl die save function von src/vendor/magento/framework/Model/AbstractModel.php deprecated ist (siehe hier) wird sie noch viel verwendet. Da stellt sich natürlich die Frage wie das nun im Magento2 in Zu