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15 futuristic Databases

I really like short videos about different tech topics that just show what's out there. So there was a nice video, which I will also link later in this blog post, about 15 futuristic databases and what is possible with them. There are things like a Git-like version control for SQL tables. There is a database where you can write JavaScript in it. And of course, there is a database that uses AI. Because ChatGPT is everywhere at the moment, I also used it to create the table in this blog post. So be careful; what you read on the World Wide Web is not always true, and there can be errors. Enjoy the overview of these futuristic databases.

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planetscale, yugabyteDB, neon, dolt, CockroachDB, Cloudflare D1, xata, 8base, EdgeDB, SurrealDB, fauna, memgraph DB, KeyDB, meilisearch, mindsDB

Video about the 15 futuristic Databases

Overview about 15 futuristic Databases

1. planetscale

2. yugabyteDB

3. neon

4. dolt

5. CockroachDB

6. Cloudflare D1

7. xata

8. 8base

9. EdgeDB

10. SurrealDB

11. fauna

12. memgraph DB

13. KeyDB

14. meilisearch

15. mindsdb

Video about the 15 futuristic Databases

Released - 01.03.2023


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